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The official Jeffrey Daniel website brings you the latest info from one of Soul music's legendary performers.

As a solo artiste his forthcoming album will bring together the JD fusion of soul, funk and dance.

The site features videos and pictures from his career - Shalamar, dance, choreography, his work with Michael Jackson, JD the style icon and of course his own original music.

*** Jeffrey Daniel The New Album Coming Soon ***

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*** Press Release ***

Tribute to the Boss .... Dick Griffey

Hey Friends, it`s that time once again to say goodbye to another great and influential giant in the music industry. Mr. Richard "Dick" Griffey founder and C.E.O. of Solar Records. The man responsible for bringing Shalamar, The Whispers, Lakeside, Dynasty, Klymaxx, The Deele, Midnite Starr, Leon Sylvers, Babyface, Dr.Dre`s Undercover album (with Snoop`s debute appearence) and coached Suge Knight among other great artists and producers. (Forgive me if i`m forgetting anyone, my mind is not complete at the moment) Thank you.

I am also his prodical son and was guided by his knowledge and strength as I watched him help Don Cornelius form Soul Train records which later became SOLAR Records after their business split. I remember doing early promotional tours on cheap buses and staying in cheap motels as we went all over America to acquaint ourselves with the many radio stations, retailers and public until we reached a national level of acceptance and then Stardom! We`re talking pre MTV days so we had to do the Chitlin Circuit and promote ourselves grass roots style and trust me it worked and engraved our music and names in people`s hearts and minds.

That generation of leaders are now closing to a glorious and memorable end leaving behind a very fragile and unstable music industry and market as the major record chains are closing as we speak and the internet is taking over record sales.

Looking back on those days as a member of Shalamar and Solar records, my best memories of Dick Griffey was when he was actually in the studio with us for our first 2 or 3 albums giving his two cents and being like a father watching over his kids. He was a tough business man, sometimes unfair in business practice but it was never a disrespectful encounter between us, we always showed respect in our dealings face to face.

Some may choose to speak ill of the man because of this, but they may also refelect on the thought that without this man`s foresight into their potential careers, they would not have one ! He introduced us and our great sound and producer to the world and the world loved and still do love it ! And for that I am forever greatful to Dick Griffey!

As i sit here in my Tokyo high rise overlooking the city, I can`t help but be thankful and show my appreciation to the man who made this possible for me. As I return to Nigeria next week to judge the Nigerian Idol tv show, I can`t help but know that without this man`s input in my life, these things would not be possible because Shalamar took me to Nigeria in 1981 and we`ve been loved at a very intimate level in their country ever since. As well as the U.K., Europe and Asia.

So let`s all say a prayer of gratitude to the man who brought you all the Sound Of Los Angeles Records S.O.L.A.R. May God Bless the soul of Richard " Dick " Griffey.

Jeffrey Daniel


Jeffrey is currently recording an album of his solo material – a fusion of soul, dance and funk.

The live show brings together for the first time all of his unique talents – singer, songwriter, guitarist, dancer and performer. His exposure on the UK's Soccer AM where he demonstrated his amazing dance skills has brought him a new generation of fans and the Dancing is integral to his live show.

Jeffrey Daniel Master Dance Class ....

Attention all dancers and dancers in training !! Jeffrey Daniel (The World's Pioneer of West Coast Street Dance) will finally return to his roots in Los Angeles and teach a Master Dance Class and Work Shop at the Lula Washington Dance Theatre on Sunday August 30th 2009.

Beginners and Young People's Class

Starting at 1:00 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.

Advanced class

From 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

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